David MacWilliam

The Rest of Our Lives: David MacWilliam
May 12 - June 3, 1995
Stride Gallery, Calgary
Catalogue Essay, Greg Bellerby

Assessing Value

In his new work David MacWilliam raises questions about what motivates an artist to make art, but also how meaning functions, how value is assigned, and how one comes to that assessment. In a new open approach to making paintings where many of the decisions have been left to chance, the viewer must rely on an immediate response to assess value and meaning to the work, rather than past knowledge or a recognizable style.

Utilizing a variety of working methods and materials, there are works on wood, canvas and fabric with images generated by pouring paint, screening, stenciling and staining with no prescriptive method. I think these new paintings have a residual vitality which function as remainders from a distillation of a painting process. They have a diaristic quality that makes some images appear reminiscent of something familiar, while others feel like foreign, eccentric fragments.